Monday, January 31, 2011

Curious George and friends

Joshua's new thing is a manly version of playing with dolls, I think. He got a Curious George monkey for Christmas, and it is his new best friend! Joshua sleeps with Curious George, lets Curious George drive his car, and George even has a seat at our table! Joshua also loves Noah, Girl, Driver, and "Missin' Mal". They are little people that came in a school bus that we have had since Lebanon. The last boy's name is Jamal. We couldn't find him for a few days, so we said he was missing. Now his name is "Missin' Mal" because I guess Joshua got confused about the concept of "missing". :) Noah is Joshua's favorite. Noah and Jamal enjoyed a trip to the park last week, and Joshua let them look out the window as we drove. He also set them up on the coffee table to watch his dvd with him.

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