Friday, November 12, 2010

Movin' and Groovin'

Our kids like to dance. It surprises me how much they are aware of rhythm and music. It is like they can't resist moving, no matter how young they are or how uncoordinated they seem! Joshua loves to bounce and drum when he hears music. He has also been learning motions to songs at church and MDO. He nods his head and taps his fingers to different beats. Ellie bounces as well, but on her little rear end. It is hard to see in the picture, but Ellie has taken quite well to Joshua's little drum. It sat on the shelf for awhile, but now each child holds a stick and has a blast!

More on movin'... Ellie still hasn't crawled yet, but she gets around! It's not as if we watch her scoot around, it's more like, "Hmmm... I am pretty sure I did not set her down right next to that electrical outlet," or "Wait, how did she get my shoe and shove it into her mouth?" or "Oops, Ellie is stuck halfway beneath the couch!" Maybe she doesn't want to crawl because she doesn't ever see Joshua crawl. All I know is that she wants nothing to do with hanging out on her tummy! She can get onto her hands and knees or hands and toes easily, but she never tries long enough to get the movement down in that position! The more I notice all of Joshua's little pieces and toys strewn about, the more I am just fine with waiting for Ellie to get going!

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