Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby talk

Joshua has reached a new level of verbal expression. It is evident that he is telling us stories and explaining things to us in his own little language as opposed to the brief syllable uttered here and there. He has picked up on conversation and intonation, and it is obvious when he is making a request or when he is exasperated about something. It is also clear that he has a special voice for talking to his baby sister. Joshua will crawl into a room where she is a make sounds in a higher pitch than the one he normally uses. It sounds sort of sing-songy, and sometimes I think he is really trying to say her name. His new favorite way to interact with her is to rub his face against her head; actually he usually just turns his head to the side so that David or I can rub her hair against him. We think it is Joshua's equivalent of a hug since he simply turns his head to the side when we are hugging him or cuddling with him. What a sweet big brother!

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