Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm bo-ored!

I am guessing that any Mom can hear that phrase ringing in her ears. The phrase I hear lately doesn't have those words, just lots and lots of fussing to let me know that Joshua is ready for a change... again.:-) So my new role as Mommy during much of the day consists of looking high and low for any random item in the house that will look fun to Joshua but not be dangerous for him to explore. His current favorite are his little plastic bowls. Who knows what it might be next hour?! I put away most of his toys, and I will get them out in a week or so in order to re-gain novelty. My next options are icecube trays, and I will just have to keep thinking!

Joshua is officially sitting up by himself! His big realization over the past few days has been that he can't actually lunge for a toy out of reach... this results in a shocking fall. Now he simply reaches toward something, and if he can't get to it, he looks around for something else. Always something new in the first year, right?


  1. Has Joshua had the reaching-for-a-toy shocking fall in water yet? Patrick pulled that one in the bathtub a week or so ago, and he screamed more loudly than he has since the day he was born.

  2. oh no! that sounds terrible! We haven't graduated to sitting in the bath yet, so no falling in the water yet, thankfully!


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