Saturday, February 14, 2009

A visit with neighbors

The other day, David and I decided to take Joshua for a walk. We put him in his little pouch carrier and left. He doesn't need many layers in the carrier because we keep each other very warm... usually uncomfortably warm! However, I usually think to bring a blanket for the sake of those who will see us when we are out with him. We met some new neighbors, which is always fun. There was a sweet little 2 year-old boy, his grandmother, another woman, and eventually, his Mom and 2 aunts. When we first saw them, they were up on a second story balcony or porch. (Of course, it would be called the first story here!) When we turned around and passed them again, they had come down to the road. The little boy had seen Joshua and wanted a closer look. They invited us to come and sit with them. This is the appropriate thing to do when you see anyone anywhere, which makes it easier for us to meet people!

One of the women brought us coffee, and we sat for maybe fifteen or twenty minutes. The conversation consisted of discussing how cold Joshua was, that he was certainly hungry, and how shameful it was that we had him out with no blanket. Foolish Mommy! When they brought coffee out, they brought out two little cookies. I turned, and the grandmother, who was holding Joshua, had put one in his mouth!! I have been warned that people will shove things in his mouth, but this was our first time to experience it. Joshua liked the cookie; it was hard and easy to hold, so he was cramming it as hard as he could while he gnawed on it. Of course, when I took it away, he started crying. I explained that he just barely started eating cereal, but they still thought he was crying because he was hungry. So they brough out a banana for him... here we go again! At least this time, I was watching, and I shook my head before they gave it to him. Next, they brought out a towel so that they could wrap it around him. We could allow that one!

If you don't live here, this probably sounds like shocking behavior. You should never try to tell someone else how to parent their children, and of course, you would never give a child something without first asking his parents, right?! Well, it still kind of shocks me, but I know that they mean well, and they just think I am a silly foreigner who doesn't know how to take care of her baby. I just roll my eyes and appreciate how much they love and treasure babies!


  1. Grandmommy is now set up. Another means of staying in touch. Love hearing how life goes on. Excited to visit you all in April.



  2. I commented but it didn't go through. I will keep trying

  3. Hi again, I will repeat my original message: I am so proud for your reaction to the ways of your neighbors. You are so sensitive and accepting of cultural differences. I can just see Joshua nibbling on the cookie! Do you want your Dad to bring over some swibach (sp?) He just set me up to respond to your blog. I hope I can remember all the tricks! Love you


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